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Rated 5 Stars
by Lyme Warriors Across the Globe

"A Miracle For Me"

I have been using this product for a year to keep my Lyme and co-infections under control.

This works great and I use it for several months and then Lymogen for several months as symptoms change

Lindsay V

Verified Buyer

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We Help Doctors To Fight Lyme

Clinics Using Borrelogen Nationwide

In the battle against lyme

Borrelogen is Your Front Line of Defense

We have been fighting Lyme & Chronic Lyme disease for over 25 years. 
So we know a thing or two about this stealth disease.

While Lyme may hit mainstream headlines every summer during tick season,
the ongoing struggle by those not diagnosed or misdiagnosed is year round. 

That's why we have built an entire formula range built to be effective in the fight against Lyme, to be supportive and easy to use.

  • No more guesswork of various self hacked together recipes.
  • No more hundreds of pills on a daily basis.
  • No more stress with medical bills & insurance not supporting you.
Borrologen is one of our most effective formulas in the fight against Lyme.
It can give your body the vision it needs to fight the main perpetrator of Lyme and its symptoms..

Borrelia Burgdorferi.

We support Lyme Warriors, Clinics & Doctors all over the nation with Borrelogen and supporting products for fighting against Lyme, trialed and tested over 25 years & we're proud to give support to everyone in the fight Lyme Disease

We want to support you and this is why this offer exists, to get this out in the hands of more people.
Now this offer is only available for a limited time depending on stock.

So take advantage now, once this batch is gone, it's gone.

Natural Healing.

We cut freshly harvested herbs by hand and the entire botanical process is handled in our facilities here in Kansas, USA.

As a family ran, US based business, care of each and everyone of our customers is our main priority.

Backed by Science.

Borrelogens effectiveness has been backed by an independent study.

Most supplements are not backed by independent reports.

You can check it for yourself.
It's available by clicking here.

Trusted by Doctors. 

You can view any of the testimonials on this page or on our website.

We support clinics nationwide and are trusted for recovery plans for their patients across the country.

We are always on the lookout for new Doctors to support.


Lyme Does Not Discriminate.

Justin Bieber

“While a lot of people kept saying Justin Bieber looks like (bleep), on meth etc. they failed to realize I've been recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, not only that but had a serious case of chronic mono which affected my, skin, brain function, energy, and overall health."

Many in the Lyme community resonate with Justins story because like most, went months without diagnosis. Even with his fame, connections + wealth, Lyme is overlooked.

Avril Lavigne

Avril suffered horribly from Lyme and was bedridden for 2 years with Lyme Disease.

When she tried to get help from doctors & consultants, she was told she was "crazy" or "depressed". Like many, she was misdiagnosed.

She wrote her song 'Head above water' about her experiences & battle with Lyme Disease.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly suffered horribly from Lyme disease saying as much as 'it almost killed me' and flew all the way out to Germany to get stem cell treatment to help with her healing.

An option considered both controversial by many & too expensive for the average person already struggling with 'traditional' treatment!


Your New Anti-Lyme Hero


Helps the body bring into balance the overgrowth of all of the pleomorphic stages of bacterial spirochete called Borrelia burgdorferi, as well as the often seen co-infections of Babesia microti, Human monocytic and granulocytic Ehrlichia.

Borrelogen™ is a combination of botanicals specifically selected to help the body see and destroy the Lyme Bacteria.

Frequency Matched

Supporting the body's ability to address the various pathogens, toxins, and die-off that comes with Lyme disease and its common co-infections.

Independently Verified

Backed by an independent study, available on our website + on request.

Available in 2 Bases

Alcohol or Apple Cider Vinegar, for those who are intolerant to alcohol bases. 

Verified Doctor Reviews

Just What The Doctor Ordered..

Dr Jeffery Klass
Naturopathic physician at Guilford Holistic

Having treated patients with Lyme disease for over 30 years, Dr Jeffery Klass uses our range of herbal formulas including Borrelogen as an essential part of his practice. 

Dr. Kison Frank

Dr Kison Frank, as a sufferer of Lyme, knows exactly what it takes to effectively combat chronic Lyme disease. Docere Life Center specializes in treating Chronic Illnesses and considers JNutra formulas essential.

Dr David Jowdy
Institute for restorative health

Dr David works with chronically ill patients on a daily basis and relies on Jernigan Nutraceutical herbal formulas for safe and effective support for his patients. 


Early Symptoms of Lyme DIsease

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle pain
  • Joint pain and swelling
  • Swelling of the lymph nodes
  • Erythema migrans (EM), a bull’s-eye-shaped rash that appears at the site of the tick bite
  • Symptoms of late stage Lyme disease

  • Severe headaches and neck stiffness
  • Additional EM rashes in new places on the body
  • Facial palsy, also known as Bell’s palsy – paralysis of one side of the face
  • Arthritis or joint pain and swelling, especially of large joints (such as the knee)
  • Intermittent tendon, muscle, joint, nerve, or bone pain
  • Heart palpitations or arrhythmia
  • Dizziness or shortness of breath
  • Inflammation of the brain or spinal cord
  • Shooting pains, numbness, or tingling in the hands or feet
  • Depression
  • Symptoms of Chronic Lyme DIsease

  • Intermittent fevers, chills, and sweats
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Roving aches and stiffness
  • Numbness and tingling in the limbs
  • Dizziness and shortness of breath
  • Tremors
  • Respiratory infections
  • Sore throats
  • Stomach pains
  • Heart palpitations and irregular heartbeat
  • Anxiety and paranoia
  • Rage
  • Hallucinations
  • Hearing sensitivity
  • Dysphonia (vocal cord damage)
  • New food allergies
  • Multiple-chemical sensitivities
  • Seizures
  • Depression
  • How Long Should I take Borrelogen?

    Many Doctors use Borrelogen™ as a catalyst just to make other remedies work better. Its ability to help the body heal itself always amazes us. Please remember this product is designed to help only with bacteria and viruses-- not toxins, or other bacterial infections. You must have other products to restore, repair and build the body. This is a tough illness. It takes time to undo all the damage, which is why we usually recommend a 6-month protocol.

    Borrelogen Research

    Reporting only the highest score of the three-day urine collection the majority of positive LUATs scored over 100 ng/ml.

    Out of the 68 LUATs performed, 44 were reported as positive or highly positive, while there were 4 borderline, and 18 negative results. The total percentage of positive scores was 73%. When the nutraceutical formula was used instead of prescription antibiotics the majority of positive LUATs were reported over 100 ng/ml, and as high as >400 ng/ml.

    Although a score of >400 does not indicate that a patient is more highly infected than a score of >45, it does indicate a high rate of antigen release which can only benefit the patient.

    An interesting side-note, only seventeen of these 68 cases were also tested by Lyme Western Blot IgM/IgG prior to taking the Borrelogen. All seventeen subjects tested as positive or equivocal by Lyme Western Blot.

    $37 For A Limited Time Only, depending on Stock Availability.


    You missed out!

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    Happy Customers

    Their Experiences with Borrelogen & Lyme... Our Herbal Formula..

    Finding Success With Borrologen

    The Products that have impacted me the most have been Borrelogen, that's been a major stand out for me.  I've enjoyed using Borrelogen because it's a product that energetically tested well with me, I kept getting good scores with the practitioner I was working with while using Borrelogen. 

    I have been using Borrelogen for about 2 months now and I've noticed a difference in my bodies ability to fight Lyme. So I'm excited about continuing use & use of more products.


    Verified Buyer


    I was made to feel like a valued customer and very well cared for. Thank you for the time and energy to help me, help myself.

    Jernigan’s Nutraceuticals company is a game changer Providing the means to support my body to operate at a optimal level. Forever grateful.

    Debera C. Verified Buyer

    All my patients that take this have found relief from their Lyme disease symptoms

    Dr. Caroline Fierro Verified Buyer

    Great product and so thankful it comes in ACV because I cannot tolerate alcohol.

    Lindsay V. Verified Buyer


    "A Miracle For Me"

    I have been using this product for a year to keep my Lyme and co-infections under control.

    This works great and I use it for several months and then Lymogen for several months as symptoms change

    Lindsay V. Verified Buyer




    Years in business




    Most Lyme Diagnosis comes too late..

    The CDC Estimates as many as 476,000 people in the United States contract Lyme each year.
    Most of these will go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.
    Lyme makes life harder than it needs to be, make no mistake and the research proves this.

    Late Diagnosis
    70% Of Patients when they are diagnosed, are late.

    Late diagnosis means it's more like to result in Chronic Lyme. 

    Source: ''

    72% of Patients with Lyme are Misdiagnosed.

    Almost all with diseases that offer no hope of cure

    Source: ''

    Severe Conditions
    75% Suffer Badly from Lyme.

    75% of Lyme patients experience severe or very severe symptoms.

    Source: ''

    Lyme Diagnosed Patients suffer 28% higher rate of mental disorders

    A Columbia-led study advises physicians and patients be aware of psychiatric symptoms, particularly the first year after diagnosis

    In a new study, U.S. and Danish researchers report that patients who received a hospital diagnosis of Lyme disease—inpatient, outpatient, or at the ER—had a 28 percent higher rate of mental disorders and were twice as likely to have attempted suicide post-infection, compared to individuals without the diagnosis.

    Given the amount of people going without diagnosis or being misdiagnosed,
    we can never truly know how many people are suffering without knowledge why.

    Source: ''

    Quality of Life for Lyme Patients


    We're Here To Help

    Have you been down a nightmare path with Lyme disease?

    Misdiagnosed, expensive medical bills, insurance & disability allowance just not covering it, friends & family not understanding what you're going through?

    Tried other solutions without getting you know... an actual solution?

    Yours is a familiar story and trust us, we don't need to go on TikTok or Instagram to see hundreds of stories like yours, we've heard it loud and clear for over 25+ years. 

    Social media is allowing these stories to spread and even more celebrities are standing up and talking about Lyme, in addition to the those mentioned above there's countless others, Shania Twain, Alec Baldwin, Ben Stiller, Yolanda Hadid, Amy Tan, Rebecca Wells, Daryl Hall to name a few have all contracted Lyme and suffered.

    We're here to provide a natural, affordable herbal solution to your Battle with Lyme. 

    Borrelogen has provided a crucially needed helping hand to so many Lyme warriors before you and we want you to be its next success story.

    That's why we're offering it today at a huge discount of only $37 + Free shipping (US Only)
    After average shipping fees that's over a 50% discount. 

    The Jernigan Nutraceuticals product line was formulated and utilized by actual doctors who regularly saw and found success with actual patients with Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses, not simply by entrepreneurs with an idea to make money. 

    Their post-Graduate studies in natural and Anthroposophical medicine in Germany and Biological Medicine with the famed-father of European Biological Medicine, Dr. Thomas Rau, MD, of the Paracelsus Clinic of Switzerland, and board-certification in Botanical Medicine through the University of Colorado, School of Pharmacy, combined with their clinical experience equipped them to tailor a product line with an extremely rare advantage.

    Borrelogen is specially curated to address the complex nature of acute and chronic Lyme disease and its common co-infections including Borrelia burgdorferi, Bartonella, Babesia Microti, Mold Toxicity, Ammonia and Toxic Die-Off, and much more.

    They've seen the anguished faces, wiped away the tears, listened to the hardships, and fought side by side with those afflicted with these illnesses. The passion, drive to win, and understanding of the doctor's heart is epitomized in these remedies.

    Twenty-five years later, these handcrafted remedies are trusted by Lyme-literate doctors all over the world.

    Skimmed right through?

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    A Huge Discount

    Without this discount / offer.
    You will not find the 4oz bottle anywhere else for less than $67.  

    Limited Time Offer

    We'll be doing a limited run on this offer and will be continually monitoring stock levels. Once a threshold has been reached, offer is over.

    Free Shipping

    Normally you need to spend At least $100 to qualify for free shipping.
    This will not last.


    Money Back Guarantee

    Botanically Brilliant Guarantee 

    There's absolutely NO RISK with our 30-day Money Back Guarantee.