Botanically Brilliant Guarantee

We are so confident that the Jernigan Nutraceuticals product line will support your body's ability to improve its symptoms better than anything you've tried thus far when used as directed and paired with the necessary home therapies and lifestyle choices that if you don't see any results within 30 days of your order, we will write you a check for every dollar you spent on the product you're dissatisfied with guaranteed.*

Now, these are (so-far) treatment-resistant chronic illnesses we're talking about here-- do you think we'd give a crazy guarantee like that if we weren't good at what we do? If you ain't happy, we ain't happy, and we only want to keep your money if you're happy.

KEEP IN MIND, THOUGH: The world's greatest remedy is just like the world's greatest surgeon. He can repair your broken arm beautifully, but if you immediately leave his office and arm wrestle someone, the healing results he promised will vanish. In the same way, a remedy can help the body to repair issues within, but they require your participation in the healing process for the amazing results. 

To illustrate further-- If you take a detox remedy, for example, but your lymphatic system (the body's toxin elimination system) is all blocked up, your body is going to have a much harder time eliminating the toxic buildup and the toxins will continue to wreak havoc. At best, this means you don't experience much relief. At worst, it means you experience an increase in headaches, nausea, and/or other unpleasant symptoms

It's like hiring someone (the remedy) to gather up all the trash in an apartment building (your body), but the garbage chute (the lymphatic system) is mostly blocked. Maybe some pieces of trash make it past the blockage, but when the trash piles up and starts to stink up the building and attract rats, the problem isn't with the person taking out the trash, but with blockage in the chute. It's a two-part solution. Once the chute is cleared (via a lymphatic therapy), the person taking out the trash is much more effective at eliminating the building's garbage, bringing massive relief to the whole apartment.  

Our point is-- You've got to help your body out as much as you can by supporting all your systems and organs with home therapies and intentionality with your lifestyle choices. The best remedy can't eat the most nourishing foods for you, it can't remove mold from your environment for you, it can't shield you the EMFs blasting you from your cellphone, etc. Especially in the case of tough chronic illness cases, the healing process must be well-rounded and involved. Recovery and restoration isn't easy in these situations, and it requires us to give it all we've got, but it IS POSSIBLE and at Jernigan Nutraceuticals, you've got a team that's 100% dedicated to helping you create significant and lasting results in any way we can. We're always happy to help clear up any confusion or frustration, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or 316-371-8485.


*The Botanically Brilliant Guarantee applies only to retail customers. In order to take advantage of the Botanically Brilliant Guarantee, the Request Refund Form must be submitted.

**The Botanically Brilliant Guarantee was established 4/06/22